Grading and value (USD)


VG = Very good, F = Fine, VF = Very fine, EF = Extremely fine = aUnc = Almost uncirculated, Unc = Uncirculated

1979 US One Dollar

The 1979 United States “Susan B. Anthony” One Dollar coin (1979-P Narrow Rim variety) features the portrait of Susan B. Anthony, a pioneer for women’s rights, facing right with the date below with the lettering: ‘LIBERTY’ at the top, ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ to the right, the mint mark ‘P’ for Philadelphia to the left and the engraver’s initials ‘FG’ at the bottom right.

On the reverse, the Apollo 11 Mission Insignia (an eagle holding an olive branch flying above the Moon, with the Earth in the background) and the denomination below with lettering:  ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ curled across the top, ‘E·PLURIBUS·UNUM·’ below and ‘ONE DOLLAR’ at the bottom.