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About this collection

This private collection is a consortium of three family coin collections comprising of mostly circulated Australian pre-decimal coins, United Kingdom pre-decimal coins, rare or collectable decimal coins, world coins and banknotes.

The collections have been acquired over decades of gathering coins locally and abroad, passed on from friends and family, generation to generation.

Individual family collections can be viewed via the Collections drop-down menu above.

The coins herein represented

The coins displayed on this site are the singular best quality coin of that denomination and year in the collection.  There will be no more than three of the same coins shown, being one from each family collection.

It is likely that multiple poorer quality Australian pre-decimal coins of common denominations exist in the collection, but not shown on this website.

Australian Pre-decimal Coins

Pre-decimal coins of the Commonwealth of Australia from 1910 to 1964, featuring Half Pennies, Pennies, Threepences, Sixpences, Shillings and Florins.

UK Pre-decimal Coins

Pre-decimal coins of Great Britain from 1826 to 1967, featuring Farthings, Half Pennies, Pennies, Threepences, Sixpences, Shillings, Florins, and Half Crowns. 

Decimal Coins

Rare and collectable Australian coins since 1967 to date including a mix of circulated and uncirculated commemorative coins, mint errors and other special coins.

World Coins

The world coin collection consists of mostly 19th-century coins; and other coins, tokens and medallions of interest due to their uniqueness, quality or notoriety.

Commemorative Coins

A collection of pre-decimal and modern world coins and medallions issued to commemorate events or places.


Australian banknotes and world banknotes of interest.

Coin Values

While only few of our coins truly stand out above the rest, it is interesting to see the estimated values of coins if only they were handled and stored in better condition.

Most coins on this website will be accompanied by a grading and value chart with dollar values corresponding to the coin grading score.  

These values are sourced mostly from and other sites.

Some coin entries display an “estimated value”, which is the opinion of the author based on the grading system below.

Grading coin quality

Most coins on this website offer a grading and value chart for your inspection.  

The grading system shown on the website is the European Coin Grading System, and its terms are described below.

Abbr.DescriptionOriginal design remaining
VGVery Good25%
VFVery Fine75%
EF/XFExtremely Fine90%
aUncabout Uncirculated95% + some lustre
UncUncirculated100% + some lustre
Gem/BUGem or Brilliant Uncirculated100% + full lustre

Grading Commonwealth Coins

The Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association has produced “Grading Commonwealth Coins”, a guide to the adjectival way of grading Australian Commonwealth Coins.  Download it here.