Grading and value (USD)


VG = Very good, F = Fine, VF = Very fine, EF = Extremely fine = aUnc = Almost uncirculated, Unc = Uncirculated

1955 Italy 50 Lire

The 1955 Italian 50 Lire features on the obverse, facing right, the profile of a woman adorned with a crown of oak leaves, around the head the inscription REPVBBLICA ITALIANA, below the signatures of author and engraver.

On the reverse, there is a depiction of the naked and sculptural body of the God Vulcan, as a symbol of Industry, which forges a spade. Hephaestus with his right hand holds the hammer upwards, ready to beat the anvil, and with his left hand holds the spade firmly. On the left the year of mintage, on the right the face value and under the symbol of the Mint of Rome.